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    About Us

    Welcome and thanks for stopping by to find out more about us. We hope you enjoy looking through our product collections as much as we have enjoyed crafting them.

    We are a group of close friends who are passionate about conscious travel. Trippeace is a gift brand we build for conscious travelers and their loved ones.

    In general or for most people, conscious travel simply means being mindful when traveling, taking into consideration:-

    1) the impact of the trip on the environment,
    2) the people we have encountered during our travels and
    3) support the local economies.

    In our context, conscious travel should extend beyond the above as we should be conscious about touching the hearts of people we plan to visit or meet either for romance, gathering of friends or family by giving them the meaningful and beautiful piece of surprise gift for remembrance and travel with a peace of mind. This is how Trippeace brand name was born.

    Through our own personal relationships and desire to spread love, we design and craft heartfelt messages with love that are meant to bring your heart closer to the heart of the gift recipients like family, spouse, friends, co-workers or anyone you know.

    Our store has a variety of interesting gift items such as jewelry, keychains, watches, etc. Our product is more than just a going away gift or a good luck gift for travelers - they are tokens of encouragement, appreciation and unconventional love that will help bring your heart closer to your loved ones.

    Our intention is to give people an opportunity to tell their loved ones how much they care for them with a gift carrying a special message. We all know everyone wants to know how much they mean to their loved ones but oftentimes it is not easy to put into words exactly how you feel. Trippeace is here to help by providing products that solve this problem by pairing beautiful jewelry with message card or engraved message that has just the right words to express how you feel.

    Trippeace is built with love 💓 on three core principles:

    👍 Excellent products
    👍 Excellent prices
    👍 Excellent customer service

    It is our commitment to provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience by delivering exceptional customer service and premium quality products at affordable prices that will not hurt your wallet.

    We value quality and honesty above all else. We work closely with fulfillment partners to provide unique and trending products without compromising on price.

    Knowing how exciting it is to find good deals, we strive to bring you the amazing products that you’ll enjoy! We also know your time is precious, so we made shopping simple and secure.

    With our range of products, you’ll be bound to find what you need for your conscious travel in one place. Should you have anything specific you're trying to find, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

    Trippeace is a brand you can trust. All our products are backed up by a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can shop risk-free and most importantly, peace of mind.

    Our ultimate goal is to create a loyal customer base that will constantly return to our store to simply shop freely, comfortably and conveniently.

    Thank you for your support!


    Made with Love

    All products are designed, printed and packaged with love.

    Fast Shipping

    Ship fast from Florida and Amsterdam (for international orders).

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We are committed to providing you and your loved ones with excellent products at affordable prices.