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    What Things Do Millennials Care About On Vacation

    Millennials, it seems, love to do thing differently from their parents' generation. There is no exception for traveling.


    Here's the interesting facts found.


    1. They want technology - like free Wi-Fi

    Millennials look to stay in locations with free Wi-Fi, fast Internet connections, and multiple outlets for charging all their various devices. They also like places that will let them use their computers in locations outside of their rooms.


    2. They care about the environment

    Millennial travelers look for eco-friendly places to stay and are concerned about their "carbon footprint".


    3. They're more adventurous than their parents are

    Millennials love experiences, so they look for places to stay that offer various activities from skiing to mountain hiking.


    4. They love to meet new people

    Millennials love meeting new people, so they'll stay at places like hostels where they can meet lots of people their age from all walks off life. They'll participate in various community activities when they're traveling.


    5. Five star restaurant not their priority

    Millennials crave authentically, so they're more likely to eat at a local, authentic eatery than at a fancy five star restaurant. They aren't going to throw down lots of money for a long, fancy meal - they rather go someplace that's less fancy, but maybe more trendy or health-conscious.


    6. They're budget-conscious

    Millennials operate on a principle of value: they try to spend as little as possible, so that they can do a lot and experience more; they want to get the most bang for their buck. Further, they try to keep cost down for where they stay, which translates into them staying at places like Airbnbs - and they'll even share rooms.  

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